Baltimore Oriole on a tree branch with comic book effect

The Benefits of Bird Song

Bird song has become a popular method of sound therapy and can benefit humans, especially those experiencing the stress of noise pollution.

Reduces Stress

The sound frequencies of bird songs help humans restart mentally and provoke relaxation. Bird sound is also reassuring because they sing when they feel safe.

Promotes Positivity

Many people have positive associations (especially with spring and summer) and memories with bird sounds and therefore feel positive emotions when they hear them. The sounds are comforting and sometimes euphoric.

Increases Productivity 

Birds sing in the early morning (dawn) and the sound stimulates people’s brains. Aside from the sounds possibly waking you up earlier, it can help you focus on the task at hand because it is made of random, non-repetitive sounds that aren’t distracting.

Improves Observational Skills

Bird sounds make people pay attention to their auditory surroundings and focus on one sense at a time, as birds are heard most of the time while walking through nature.

​​Birdsong maintains the state of “Body relaxed, mind alert”

-Julian Treasure, author of Sound Business


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