Michael Judkins


“When you think about silence, what image comes to mind?”

Want to participate in our PhotoVoice campaign?

Our Goals:

  • To create authentic discussion of the issues surrounding noise pollution and its effect on people and wildlife in vulnerable, underserved communities.
  • To increase understanding of the experiences with and impact of noise pollution for the participating communities and science.
  • To gather community perspectives and understanding to inform a co-created app and national community science project.

How to join the PhotoVoice research:

  1. Read the ‘PhotoVoice Protocols’ document. 
  2. Sign the release form found at the end of the ‘PhotoVoice Protocols’ document, take a picture of it, and send it to Karen at kap7@cornell.edu or Marilú at ml869@cornell.edu.
  3. Think about the question: When you think about silence, what comes to mind?
  4. Go out into your community and answer the question visually by taking 1-5 pictures. Add a caption to each picture and upload it to Box HERE, or send it to Karen or Marilú.
  5. There are no right ways of doing this. It is deeply personal. You answer the question in the way that is right for YOU! You do not need to be a photographer or answer the question literally.
  6. If you are taking pictures of people, please read the ‘Script for Introducing the Project to a Person you Want to Photograph.’
  7. It’s important that you ask people being photographed to fill out a ‘Noise Pollution PhotoVoice Release.’ 
  8. Be thoughtful and ethical about taking pictures. Ensure and respect people’s privacy and don’t put them or yourself in danger!

Question 1: When our community thinks of silence, these are the images that come to their minds