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By Yao A. Foli The community’s point of view of understanding and defining noise pollution could be a pathway to a cultural and social noise pollution policy making.  My name is Yao Foli, I am from Ghana. I am a community researcher and advisor with a national group of researchers representing underserved communities throughout the […]

CLUES at the Science Museum!

CLUES has been hard at work bringing awareness of noise pollution into their community! Tanya and the Community Science Collaborators at this organization created activities for the Science Museum’s Youth Science Day. Using interactive activities the CLUES team was able to educate and engage the youth in their community about the effects of noise on […]


Coding Moment of the Week

By Owen Sullivan For the past few weeks, members of the NOISE Project have been coding responses from interviews that were conducted over the summer. During the coding process, we scan interview  answers for their main ideas, and then assign them words or phrases that capture these main themes. These words and phrases are called […]

Our NOISE PhotoVoice Project

The NOISE team is happy to be starting a new participatory research project using PhotoVoice! The Community Science Collaborators on our team will be bringing this fun and creative research technique into their communities.  What is PhotoVoice PhotoVoice is a community-based participatory research method that allows participants to share their own perspectives and ideas through […]

Our video featured on the STEM for All Video Showcase

What happens when STEM research and programming is led directly and equitably by community leaders? The NOISE Pollution Project! Please check out, share, and VOTE for our video where a team of Community Researchers representing communities historically excluded from the sciences, in collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, share a different perspective and approach for doing science “with” communities instead of “on” communities.  […]

Thank You St. Paul Community Science Collaborators!

By Adam Spaulding-Astudillo What are the best ways for community leaders to educate the public about noise pollution? For answers to this question, ask Alexia, Cecilia, and Maria from Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES)! During our recent in-person meeting, they shared a set of activities that they have been using with their community over […]

Why does my community need the NOISE Pollution Project?

By Yao A. Foli The definition, story, memory, and understanding of noise by the community could be the guideline to community engagement, education, and awareness about noise pollution. The experience and the memories of the stories at noise-exposed workplaces by community members provide detail about the unawareness and the awareness of noise pollution. Many are […]