Guide to Equity in Birdwatching (Spanish)

“Guide to Equity in Birdwatching” Reflections and Experiences, is a tool to invite you to reflect on issues such as equity, inclusion, discrimination, social justice and community science.

In it we share examples that help to carry out actions to know and better understand the great responsibility that we have as a community and as individuals, so that all people can know and participate in the different activities that are carried out in the Community, such as Bird Watching.

Inspired by the research work of the Independent Community-based Organizations (ICBOs) group and its NOISE Project, ICBOs group members Cecilia Alvarez, and Juan Flores, along with artist Víctor Puga, and the Celebrate Urban Birds team at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Karen Purcell and Marilú López Fretts, we share this resource to address the issue of equity in birding.

We have the firm conviction that knowledge, science, education, care for the environment and dialogue are the main strengths we have to achieve structural and significant changes that help us to have fair, equitable and inclusive societies.