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Green Jay Bird Conservancy

The story of how Green Jay Mayan Birding got started is a rather beautiful one. The founders of the club, a husband and wife team, spotted a number of vibrantly colored birds flying by their home in the Yucatán Peninsula, México. One thing led to another until Juan Flores and Cecilia Alvarez’ initial curiosity became a dedication and passion for birding. The club was founded in 2012 with the goal of promoting a culture of bird watchers of all ages and from all cultural and economic backgrounds.


Wondering why Ceci and Juan do what they do?

This short, beautifully-choreographed video will have you ready to pack your bags and join them for some birding in the Yucatán.

Ready to get your game on? Ceci and Juan have created a fun NOISE Project word search to remind us of how terms like sound, silence, stress, health, and nature are important to our learning about noise pollution’s causes, effects, and solutions.

Although we love seeing and hearing birds in expansive natural spaces, most of us live and work in urban areas where we might find birding to be a challenge.

Ceci and Juan show us the way to see past the concrete, steel, and city grime in this video of a painted bunting (Passerina ciris) taken at Cancún’s very urban Malecón Tajamar.

You can download their Noise and Birds Report here.

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