Metro Atlanta Urban Farms Junior CSCs

Metro Atlanta Urban Farms have brought Noise Pollution and Citizen Science to their community youth by working with a group of Junior Community Science Collaborators. Together they have been working on education, awareness, and research on Noise Pollution. In our Full project meeting in April, the Junior CSCs brought us an amazing presentation on the causes and consequences of Noise Pollution. They were able to weave together research and personal experiences to create an informative and eye-opening presentation. We extend a huge Thank You to this marvelous group of young scientists who worked with passion and drive to inform and educate others on issues of Noise Pollution.

Through their work, they show all of us how science can be simultaneously informative, technical, personal, and accessible. To the Junior CSCs of Metro Atlanta Urban Farms, we thank you for your hard work and hope to continue being a support for you in your journey as learners and educators! If you would like to see the Junior CSCs presentation on Noise Pollution, check it out here. To see the Thank You presentation our team put together for their efforts, click here

Presentation begins on minute 1:36.