Dragon Fruit Cacti

Plant Music Concert Series: Dragon Fruit Cacti

WBC and Makeda Cheatom present Dragon Fruit Cacti music

Sit, take a breath and relax. For 2 years WorldBeat Center has been researching the healing effects of sound particularly through plant music. Our research is part of the NOISE Project, a national community science project on the effects of noise pollution funded by the National Science Foundation. WorldBeat Center is one of the four CO-PI organizations leading the research and we are bringing the Arts in STE(A)M.

This recording was done in July 2020 and features Makeda Dread on a tongue drum and the dragon fruit cacti on strings. The flowers are also known as night-blooming cereus flowers or queen of the night and rely on night pollinators to produce fruit. This concert is in tribute to national moth week, a worldwide celebrated event engaging the public and scientists in citizen science and research.