CLUES at the Science Museum!

CLUES has been hard at work bringing awareness of noise pollution into their community! Tanya and the Community Science Collaborators at this organization created activities for the Science Museum’s Youth Science Day. Using interactive activities the CLUES team was able to educate and engage the youth in their community about the effects of noise on performance. They did this by creating activities which were performed with either pleasant sounds or distressing noise in the background. Some of the tasks included completing the Stroop test, saying the alphabet backwards, and working on a puzzle!

Some of the interesting and cool patterns they observed from these activities were:

  • Overall, kids said that nature noises were preferred and help them think more clearly 
  • Many said that nature, bird, and water (ocean/rain) sounds were their favorites. 
  • Popular least favorites were construction, car noises (traffic/beeping), and yelling/fighting
  • Typing and paper between fingers were surprising favorite sounds of a couple girls
  • A few kids also preferred the sound of construction to the sounds of nature

This kind of event is a great way to bring awareness of noise pollution into a community in a fun and creative way! Individuals of all ages can become educated and aware of the effects of noise through these interactive activities. If you would like to bring this event to your community check out these resources!