New Publication in BioScience

The NOISE Project partners have published their research results in a paper now available in BioScience!

The NOISE PROJECT has published their manuscript Understanding the Impact of Equitable Collaborations between Science Institutions and Community-Based Organizations: Improving Science through Community-Led Research in BioScience!

Community leaders from across North America representing communities historically excluded from the sciences, Cornell Lab staff, and allies co-wrote the paper. We are so proud of the work we have collectively done on this research.

Please check it out! The paper shares research results to better understand how science institutions can engage in more equitable and meaningful collaborations with communities historically exploited by the sciences. Please share with others, it is open access.

Below is the abstract: 

To advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in science, we must first understand and improve the dominant-culture frameworks that impede progress and, second, we must intentionally create more equitable models. The present authors call ourselves the ICBOs and Allies Workgroup (ICBOs stands for independent community-based organizations), and we represent communities historically excluded from the sciences. Together with institutional allies and advisors, we began our research because we wanted our voices to be heard, and we hoped to bring a different perspective to doing science with and not on communities. We created a community framework to guide our research and we led all aspects of our work, from creating research protocols to analyzing and interpreting the data to disseminating the results. We share our research framework, methods, and results so that science institutions can better understand how to intentionally create more equitable research partnerships with our communities.